homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy treats the whole you. It is holistic treatment that treats the root cause of the disease. It takes into view of your mental health state before it treats the disease itself. Medicine have to go deep enough into you in order to enable a complete cure.

Our job is to gain a thorough understanding of your health and the exact symptoms you are experiencing. With years of knowledge we can find a homeopathic medicine that matches you and your symptoms as closely as possible.

Generally within 7-10 days for acute cases the action of homeopathic medicine will become evident and gradually more so over time and with continued treatment. Within this time frame you may experience an aggravation or return of old symptoms. This is a good sign! This means that the medicine is doing its work. 

For chronic cases, at least 2 months course of medication may be needed to start seeing the changes and gradually more so over time with continued treatment. 

In homeopathy, the symptoms are viewed as the body’s attempt to adapt and restore balance.


Homeopathic remedies are drawn from nature that includes herbs, animal products and minerals. Homeopathy uses very small doses of substances to trigger the body to heal itself. 


Homeopathic treatment is safe, effective and most importantly natural. This medication does not interact with your current medical treatment (esp. allopathic medicine).

Homeopathic medicine is easy to take by all ages.